søndag den 18. november 2007

How to play PS2 games on PSP

How to play PS2 games on PSP:

Stuff you need:

PSPw0rm v3.0 or DiGiw0rm v1.0 [PSP]
Magic ISO (any version) [PC]
El Matador x333 [PSP]
DATACABLE (pc to psp)
A PS2 game
4 GB - Memory Stick Pro Duo

1) Load the PS2 Disc on your PC

2) Copy it all in to a folder on your PC

3) Open Magic ISO and then put all the files from the DVD
in to a ISO-file and save it.

4) Call the ISO: em333file"the name you want to call it".ISO

5) Rename the file from .ISO to .UMD

6) The size is maybe too big.Load it with PSPw0rm v3.0
and click SNC (Stream N' Cut) wait 5-10 min. and now is the size
under 4 GB and it is PSP-able (so your PSP can run it)

7) Connect your PSP to PC and copy El_Matador.DAT to
f:/PSP/GAMES/ELMATADORx333/ - restart your PSP and run it and change the
MIPS R4000-based; clocked from 333 to 444 MHz. And then the PSP says:
"overcoked to 444 MHZ failed... overclocked to 666 saved!" press "OK".

8) Connect your PSP to PC agien and copy:
em333fil"the name you want to call it".UMD to the Memory Stick:
f:/PSP/GAMES/ELMATADORx333/PSP1000-1010 (*1)/

9) Unconnect the PSP, restart it and go to Memory Stick™> GAME> El Matador x333>
and there it is click "X" and then is it runing!

10) Enjoy

Dont call it "*1" but call it the country or the country there is beside!
* PSP1000 - Japan
* PSP1001 - USA
* PSP1002 - Australia
* PSP1003 - United Kingdom
* PSP1004 - Europe, Middle East, and Africa
* PSP1005 - Korea
* PSP1006 - Hong Kong
* PSP1007 - Taiwan
* PSP1008 - Russia
* PSP1009 - China
* PSP1010 - Mexico

If it is a PSP from maybe Germany, call the folder:
f:/PSP/GAMES/ELMATADORx333/PSP1004/ <- |Germany:PSP1004|