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How to play GTA San Andreas on PSP

How to play GTA San Andreas on PSP

Stuff you will need to do this:
PSPw0rm v2.0
Magic ISO (any version)
YBox 359.9
DATACABLE (pc to psp)
GTA San Andreas (PS2)
4 GB - Memory Stick Pro Duo

Downlaod Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/81676459/GTA_SA_to_PSP.rar
(In the download link is: PSPw0rm v2.0 Magic ISO and YBox 359.9)
Here a guide to do it in PDF:

1) Load the GTA San Andreas PS2 Disc on your PC

2) Copy it all in to a folder on your PC

3) Open Magic ISO and then put all the GTA San Andreas files
in to a ISO-file and save it.

4) Call the ISO: gta_sa_YXLOAD.ISO

5) Rename .ISO to .UMD (gta_sa_YXLOAD.UMD)

6) gta_sa_YXLOAD.UMD size is 4.4 GB.Load it with PSPw0rm
and click "Stream N' Cut" wait 5-10 min. and now is the size 3.9 GB
and it is PSP-able

7) Connect your PSP to PC and copy YBox_359.9.EBOOT to
f:/PSP/GAMES/YBOX/ - restart your PSP

8) Connect your PSP to PC agein and copy gta_sa_YXLOAD.UMD
to the Memory Stick: f:/PSP/GAMES/YBOX/GTA_SA/gta_sa_YXLOAD.UMD

9) Unconnect the PSP, restart it and go to Game > Memory Stick™
click on YBox 359.9 and then load GTASA

10) Enjoy

PSP w0rm v2.0:

GTA San Andreas when you are done:

Video guide coming soon!



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